Where tradition and contemporary style come together

Bolamì Lab was born in Bologna in 2017 from the collaboration of different professionals, moved by a common goal:

To reinvent women’s beachwear fashion, through the creation of products with a contemporary style, made with Made In Italy handcrafted tools and techniques.

How do we achieve this mission?

Day after day, we work towards this goal by bringing creative ideas to life through the union of different arts and communication styles.

We are a place, a workshop, a meeting point, where we can realise this vocation and bring our values to light.

The costumes we produce are an interweaving of different elements: Made in Italy, craftsmanship, art, personality, refined styles, tradition and elegance.

It is precisely these last two elements that we have decided to turn into a central part of the brand.

In fact, the word ‘bolamì’ comes from the union of the initials of three of the most important cities that perfectly represent elegance and tradition in this sector: Bologna, Los Angeles and Miami.

This is Bolamì Lab, the expression of the female personality.

Our values

Tradition and Art

The style of our products is inspired by the elegance of the old arts, which are for us a means of celebrating history and the story of ancient crafts.


We enhance the tradition of craftsmanship by renewing it in a new, modern and contemporary guise, thanks to refined and selected designs and materials.

Made In Italy

With our products we promote the quality and excellence of Made in Italy, enhancing our country’s artistic and design skills.


Each garment is designed and created by expert hands, with passion and attention to detail, with the aim of conveying the value and uniqueness of each piece.